Sophie Ruehr


Data visualization

I independently designed and developed a GUI web application to visualize over 3GB of eddy covariance flux and meteorologic data from over 400 AmeriFlux sites. The app is live on the AmeriFlux website, and the code is available on my GitHub repository.

Science communication

Check out our lab TikTok account for some great videos explaining how we undertake fieldwork with a solar-induced fluorescence imager. The videos were created by an undergraduate student who I mentor in our lab. I also recently wrote for the Berkeley Science Review on a soil warming experiment in Point Reyes, CA.

@keenan_group_berkeley Check out our other videos to see the images we took! #science #technology #research#assemble


I have mentored four undergraduate students while at UC Berkeley on a variety of research and outreach projects, including writing newspaper articles, getting started with coding, and working with eddy covariance and remote sensing data. Two of my undergratuate mentees presented their work at the American Geophysical Union’s annual conference.


Committment to inclusion, equity and diversity

I am committed to furthering diveristy, equity and inclusion (DEI) iniatives at UC Berkeley and beyond. I am part of my department’s Graduate Diversity Council, which promotes DEI for graduate students through organizing and community building. I am also a member of the AmeriFlux DEI committee, where I have been involved in field safety and inclusion workshops. Before going out into the field, I ask my team members to read and accept our lab’s policy on field safety and inclusion, which I wrote and adapted from Benjamin Blonder’s statement.


I have written for InsideClimate News, a national climate change news publication, as well as local papers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Many of my articles for the Provincetown Independent focused on environmental science and environmental justice. Check out my radio story for Provincetown’s WOMR on mushroom foraging.